Georgia McGovern
Head of Camille Claudel, 1911, Auguste Rodin. 
Rodin experimented with a sculptural process called pate-de-verre which is a kind of glass casting that dates back to the Egyptian period.  

Peter Blume (American, 1906-1992), Vegetable Dinner, 1927. Oil on canvas 25 1/4 x 30 1/4 in. Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Palladium mirror, mogul ski humps and last years spinning flowers.
The Large Bathers  Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1884-87. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
Renoir worked on this painting for three years displaying his new style of sculptural figures against a glimmering landscape facing criticism and never devoting such effort again.
Hiding behind Miriam Ellner gilded panels for the museum of art and design.
Imitation gold leaf
Dries Van Noten gilded details
First gilded glass in bushwick